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InterMat Rewind tribute: Dough Blubaugh

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Blubaugh Tribute

Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler. NCAA mat champ. Long-time wrestling coach and clinician. Doug Blubaugh was all these things ... and much more. Sadly, the legendary wrestler/coach/goodwill ambassador for the sport was killed in a motorcycle accident last month at age 76. However, Blubaugh's spirit lives on. In an InterMat Rewind tribute, Mark Palmer shares memories gathered from some of the people who who knew Doug Blubaugh best: his friends.


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Just thinking about the rugged times that Dough must have gone through during the years that we had him in our sport.


He likely took many many chances during the course of his life. Albeit calculated chances in dangerous situations. I can only imagine what it must be like to accept that hard earned gold medal at the oly games. He literally threw caution to the wind -- when he wrestled one of the greatest wrestlers in the world--for that gold medal.


And then he passed away from an accident (in traffic) while taking a ride through town. What a guy. Truth be known......I have some anger about how he died. We just never know.

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