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Technique Help for new "Coach"

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I live in a small town with no wrestling culture at all. It does have a jr high and high school wrestling team, but they are coached by the track coach who had never been to a dual before to taking the job, and have no interest in working with the youth. So there is, as you can expect, no youth club. Driving to a proper youth program is unfortunately not an option.

My son, 7, and 3 of friends, all 7/8, have become obsessed with wrestling since watching the Olympics last year.

We actually created a “club” with our state wrestling organization so they could wrestle at all the weekend tournaments and the state youth tournament. We also wrestled freestyle and Greco which was which was interesting, to say the least, just due to the rule differences and my ignorance.

Even with to my lack of knowledge and coaching experience/ability they did pretty well across all 3 styles, and most importantly had an absolute blast.


Primarily through YouTube we’ve developed a little system (I guess is the right term) we inside tie with trail leg side hand then use snap downs, a double (that none are really fast enough to hit against better kids), a lead leg side swing single, and a trail leg side high crotch. As for Greco, this past year, honestly I told them to go do wrestling stuff and don't touch the legs, which they all did surprising well.

Of the many questions I have, one iswhat to I need to teach differently to my kid who is a left leg lead? Currently we’re doing basically the same thing, just setting up the high crotch by snapping and circling to our left. But after that, I’m teaching technique the same, and I don’t think that’s correct, or at least optimal?

Another question would be what ride should I be teaching them? I want something simple that I can grasp and teach and they can learn. I don’t need the best, just something functional. Basically we’re just chopping arms and going for halfs right now.

From bottom I’m just teaching, basically explode up, pop hip and rip hands. Is there a better simple escape to teach?



I know a person with actual wrestling experience would know all this and could teach this and so much more easily, but I’m all these knuckleheads got so thanks for any and all advice.

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