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Director's Cup

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What is this thing, and how is it won? I did a small bit of research (looked on wiki page) and see that Stanford has won it for just about forever.


Not all Athletic Departments are the same at all these places, so how do they determine points?

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The way I understand it is, the more team titles you win, the more points you score. That's why schools like Stanford win it all the time. They offer everything from football to checkers.



Up to 20 teams can score points for the school (10 men, 10 women). They use the 10 highest scoring sports and anything after that is not counted.


You can see the standings and scoring at http://www.nacda.com/directorscup/nacda-directorscup-current-scoring.html


Stanford does have an incredible athletic department. Here are their teams that had a ranking/placing and how they finished (from the Director's Cup scoring tables at the above link):


Men (Sport - Place/Rank)

Swimming - 3rd

Cross Country - 5th

Gymnastics - 5th

Tennis - 5th

Football - 7th

Baseball - 9th

Track & Field (indoor) - 11th

Wrestling - 16th

Track & Field - 18th

Golf - 19th


Women (Sport - Place/Rank)

Soccer - National Champs

Water Polo - National Champs

Basketball - 3rd

Gymnastics - 4th

Swimming - 4th

Tennis - 5th

Track & Field - 6th

Rowing - 9th

Field Hockey - 9th

Fencing - 10th

Cross Country - 10th

Track & Field (indoor) - 13th

Softball - 17th

Volleyball - 17th

Golf - 24th

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I believe it is the case that you have to decide at the beginning of the year which teams are going to count for the scoring. So while it is helpful to have more teams it is not as big an advantage as it might seem. You can't just decide after the fact, at least that is what I have been told by a pretty good source.

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Under the new format, will wrestling placing even count at the individual tournament?



No, the results from the National Duals would be used as that would be the official NCAA team title. Under the current proposal it would use the scoring set up for a 16 team bracket with all of the first round losers finishing 9th, quarterfinal losers finishing 5th, etc.

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