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My memorandum to NCAA Re NWCA Proposal

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SENT VIA E-MAIL TO [highlight=#NaNNaNNaN]jjarnecke@ncaa.org[/highlight]

To: NCAA Wrestling Committee
From: Bob Mayeri
Date: September 11, 2012
Subject: NWCA Proposal to Reformat NCAA Wrestling Championships
As a long-time fan of the sport I have been following the dialogue leading up to the current NWCA proposal before the NCAA. In addition to the thoughts of many fans this dialogue also includes recent communications with Rob Koll, current NWCA president. While I applaud the efforts of the NWCA to make the necessary changes to the sport of wrestling, and I fully agree with the concept of adding a dual championship format to determine a team champion, there are still certain aspects of the current proposal which I believe could be detrimental to the wrestling community. Since the NCAA is a major stakeholder in the outcome of this decision I thought I would share the following with members of the Wrestling committee.

    The wrestling community as well as the NWCA is polarized on the issue of whether to present tournament format should be changed. The preceding sentence is a given and cannot be refuted at this time! While the NWCA official position states there is no downside to this change, and believes the old team scoring system can be maintained, with the winning team now receiving a trophy as NWCA team champion, the consequences of this change are not foreseeable at this time. Many fans, including myself believe it is important that the status quo be maintained here, as it is important that less competitive programs still be allowed to “place in the top 10 of the NCAA wrestling tournament”. Furthermore, many members of the NWCA and wrestling community, in general, maintain that this type of change will contribute to the loss of additional division I programs. This is evidenced by the narrow majority that approved the present proposal. Therefore, I believe that before any such change is adopted that at a minimum the necessary marketing studies be performed by the NCAA. To do anything less would seem like a potential disservice to the NCAA, as it could jeopardize the future viability of the present format. However, as you will see in the next paragraph this is probably not necessary, as I believe the present team scoring system can be maintained without interfering with the dual meet format that is being suggested by the NWCA.

    There is presently a championship dual meet tournament (i.e. the National Duals) sponsored by the NWCA, which crowns a dual meet champion. While this is accurate, proponents of the present proposal will argue that it is not a true dual meet championship as not all teams invited will accept. This is clearly a valid point, as evidenced by Iowa’s declining last year’s invitation, as well as Oklahoma State’s previous absence from the National Duals, which spanned several years. However, this is a problem that can easily be solved without risking the viability of the present championships. The NCAA can either sanction the National Duals or partner with NWCA and brand this as the NCAA/NWCA Dual Meet Championships. Doing this would not interfere with anyone’s economic stake in the present proposal. Furthermore, since the new format would now be an NCAA event the NCAA could mandate that all member institutions participate or be ineligible for the individual tournament.
    I believe the above modifications that I am suggesting still allows the NWCA to pursue its main objective, while at the same time not creating any unnecessary risks to the present format. Hopefully, you will see things the same way and give consideration to the above.


    Bob Mayeri

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