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Cashe Quiroga

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An All American as a freshman with a 6th place finish, entering his senior year. What are his chances of being an All American again? His freshman year he did have a bit of luck on his side as Nickerson was knocked out of the championship side of the bracket early on, giving him an easier route to the semi-finals. However, also note that on his way to making AA, he defeated James Nicholson of Old Dominion.


Injuries have plagued him ever since, and he's also shot up a weight class as well. Both factors could be answers to why we haven't seen him back on the award stand since.


Last year he only wrestled 14 matches, going 11-3. Noteable matches were wins over NCAA qualifiers Jamie Franco of Hofstra and Rossi Bruno of Michigan. He also wrestled Tony Ramos of Iowa to a 9-5 decision loss.



Does he make the award stand again this year, or does he go down as one of our "One Hit Wonders" that we see every now and again?


I think if he could healthily make 125 again, that he'd be one of the biggest surprises of 2014. However, having been at 133 the last two years, I don't know how possible that is. 133 seems to be at the current moment much more of a struggle.



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I think he can make the stand. After the top 2-3 wrestlers at 133, there seems to be a pretty big drop off in competition. I'd say if he can stay healthy he could be in the 5-8 area on the stand. I don't think he was a one hit wonder, I just think he's been plagued by injuries and weight issues. Given a full and healthy season I say he can make the stand, and would like to see him there.

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I do believe Cashe will land on the podium but it will be a fight. Couple things to keep in mind about Cashe since I follow Purdue wrestling.


Out of HS he won Junior Nationals having to get passed both Dardanes boys. Won it at 130 though competed his freshman year in college at 125.


True freshman year he had some great wins during the regular season to help justify his AA performance. He handily defeated Niko Triggas (also AA that year) and gave Zach Sanders all he could handle in the Minnesota dual. He super ducked Nicholson in the first round of the NCAA's to get the win against a returning AA. He got really lucky when Nickerson was defeated by Santaite (who beat Triggas in the 1st round and Nickerson in the 2nd rnd). Cashe defeated Santaite 10-2 in the quarters in dominant fashion. Then it was down hill after that having to go against McDonough, Nickerson and Sanders for 5th.


Took a re-shirt year.


Came back up a weight and lost in the wrestle backs from his own mistake (I think it was the round of 12 but I could be wrong). Gave Steiber a match that year at the Big10's.


This year he had life threatening health issue late in the summer and wasn't able to get the offseason training going. Had some injuries. He had a really tough Big10 bracket loosing to Ramos in the 2nd round coming off a bye, and then falling to Nagel 10-9. Cashe actually went 0-2 at the Big10 championships though he defeated many who placed. To make matters worse he wasn't lucky to get a wild card (though he defeated a couple guys who did like the Kent State kid in the regular season).


So based on watching Cashe and what he is capable to doing, I think he will be prepared to come back strong and get it done. But could easily have another bad Big10 tournament.

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