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Google Hangout today w/ Igali, Legrand, Gama Filho

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5pm Eastern today I will have three big international members of the wrestling community, Daniel Igali, Lise Legrand and Pedro Gama Filho. Igali and Legrand were two of our presenters to the IOC right before the first vote and also will be presenting in a month. Igali 2000 Olympic champion for Canada is now in the Nigerian Parliament. Lise Legrand is vp of france wrestling federation. Gama Filho is president of the brazilian wrestling federation and fila bureau member.


I know you all have many questions for fila so now is the time to ask. leave your questions for any or all of my guests today and I will ask as many as I can on the air for you.


You can RSVP for the hangout here:



You can watch it live on the Keep Olympic Wrestling YouTube channel here


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Great job Rich. Sorry I missed your post until today. I have some questions (maybe for your next panel).


This may sound naïve, (Olympic inclusion or not) but why were weight classes originally cut from 10 to 7, and now to 6? Why can't the men still have their 10 classes along with the women having their appropriate number of weight classes? Is this a financial decision?


If it is a financial decision, couldn't they offset it with something like a 30 second (or whatever) commercial with Jordan Burroughs promoting the sport and Olympic wrestling schedule. Imagine somehow getting that in front of NFL fans, UFC fans, NCAA wrestling fans, etc. Call me crazy, but I really feel that if it's marketed and broadcasted correctly, the TV audience would be huge.


Also, very interesting to hear Igali say that Alexander Karelin thought that this controversy is actually good for wrestling. Even Pedro thought it was a "blessing in disguise". Never thought of it from that angle, but perhaps they're right. Maybe we will eventually get our 10 weight classes back, with the women having all their desired weight classes. That's what I want to see happen.


(On a lighter note, it was pretty funny when Pedro was muted in the beginning of your interview.)


Keep up the excellent fight Rich!

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