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Intl Wrestling Needs One Style

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You can prefer all you want to eliminate Judo, but that's not happening.


Judo is not a wrestling style in the international sports prism, it has its own governing body.


Of course I know Judo has its own governing body. But there's no discussion. Judo is a particular style of wrestling. Like sambo, alysh (belt wrestling), grappling and others. For instance Sambo has its own governing body too, although they were in FILA before.


I proposed hypothetically that judo was removed from the Games. I know that's not happening. I was speculating.


Also a lot of people (and I) can prefer 10, 10, 10 weight classes or only one international wrestling style (not me), but that's not happening either (at least for the moment).


So I prefer to eliminate judo and increase the wrestling weights in freestyle, greco and women.


That's not about FILA, but IOC. I want only wrestling, boxing and pankration as combat sports in the Olympics, as ancient times. That's impossible, I know. But that's a forum and we are giving our opinions.

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