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Ways to win a wrestling match

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either that or penalty points for stalling don't count as cautions... either way my head hurts trying to figure it out. I watched the finals with a BJJ and he seemed to enjoy the action but was confused by the criteria. "How do you break ties is BJJ?" "next point wins". Funny how simple that is.


That is absolutely not how ties are broken in BJJ. The IBJJF rules for deciding match winners include no sudden death overtime as your friend described. If points are tied then the winner is the grappler with the most advantages. If the number of advantages are tied then the grappler with the fewest penalties is the winner. If the points, advantages, and penalties are tied then the referee (or referees - there are three for big events like Worlds) pick a winner. I don't see this as any better than wrestling because referees decisions are stupid and advantage points are BS. Advantages are special single points that are given when a competitor almost completes a move or secures a position. They are only given one at a time (nothing can award two advantages) and can never add to award a match point. Some penalties also award an advantage to your opponent.


The results from the finals of the 2013 IBJJF World Championships should illustrate the stupidity of IBJJF scoring


Rooster weight - points decision 4-2 in favor of Terra.

Light featherweight - Won by fewest penalties. Score was 0-0 with advatanges 3-2 in favor of Farias at the end of the match. Farias runs off the mat (not into the stands but off the mat) near where his teammates were celebrating his victory before the referee raised his hand confirming the result. Under IBJJF rules this is a penalty which awards his opponent an advantage make the score 0-0, 3-3 advantages, and 0-1 in penalties reversing the decision and awarding the match to Moraes.

Featherweight - Match decided 0-0 points, 2-1 advantages. Augusto Mendes the winner.

Lightweight - Lo wins on points 2-0

Middleweight - Sousa wins 4-2 on points

Medium-Heavyweight - Barral wins by forfeit. Barral was up against his teammate in the final. His teammate forfeited to him instead of taking the mat.

Heavyweight - Vieira wins by choke.

Super Heavyweight - Faria wins by points 6-0.

Ultra Heavyweight - Almeida wins by forfeit. His teammate forfeited to him.

Absolute (open to any weight) - Almeida wins by points (9-0) over Vieira.


Two matches had no scoring and were decided by advantages. Two others weren't wrestled because the opponents were teammates and didn't want to compete against each other. The matches decided on points were not very high scoring. The lowest scoring move in BJJ is worth 2 points so 2-0 is one point scoring move in 10 minutes. 4-2 is one or two point scoring moves.

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Why does FILA like randomness? It continues to ruin the sport... like it did with the ball grabs/3 one minute matches non-cumulative scoring.


Why cant they get it through their heads that athletes and fans a like want the best wrestlers to win? Not be knocked out of the tournament after one bad match early on or lose when one competitor gets to a very low 7 pts.

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Thanks for the IBJF F clarification... my friend mentioned that different grappling/JJ tournaments have different rule sets; maybe it is FILA grappling that has OT? Either way I would say to the IBJFF the same thing as to FILA: why have all of that criteria instead of next point wins? Husky, I want seeded brackets like everyone else, but randomness does serve the useful purpose of spreading out the medals, which is imortant to FILA because it is important to the IOC and to growing the sport worldwide.

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1. Pin

2. Most points

3. Get ahead by 7 points (TF)

4. Execute two 3 point moves AND the 2nd 3-point move must at least result in a tie match

5. Execute one 5 point move

6. Have the least number of cautions in a tie match

7. Have greatest number of high point value moves in a tie match

8. Have the last score in a tie match


I saw more confusion with criteria today than anything else. The wrestlers don't understand it. The coaches don't understand it. And most importantly, the fans don't understand it.


And Stan says we've "simplified" wrestling. It needs to be a LOT simpler.

Should just be 1. Pin 2. most points 3. TF (higher than 7 though) 4. disqualification/injury default/forfeit


How is someone supposed to follow that if multiple matches are going on? Do the scoreboards have displays for 3 point moves and cautions? Display that show who scored last? Displays the # of 2 & 3 point moves?


And why does a 5 point move win? Is that if you hit a 5 point move that puts you in the lead but doesn't result in a tech fall? Or does that mean if I'm getting beat 6-0 and I hit a 5 point move that doesn't result in a pin, I win?



And as you & others have stated in other posts, it is absurd that there is only 15 or so minutes between bouts for some wrestlers. Does any other sport have their athletes compete on such a fast turnaround?

I know judo & Taekwondo also have the same setup of finishing each weight division in one day but I don't know if they follow such a condensed schedule. Only others I can think of are weighlifting, a few shooting events & the races that are only done once: marathon run, marathon swim, cycling open race, triathlon.


Look at track & field, if the distance is greater than 100m/110m for hurdles, the competitors only race once a day - 200m, 400m, 800m are spread over 3 days. 100m runs the semis & finals on the same day but they at least get over 90 minutes between those races.

Yet wrestlers, judokas, taekwondo, weightlifters need to get done as quickly as possible.

It truly seems the attitude given to the aforementioned sports is - "just get them f-ing over with."

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