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Hawk Talk with Mudflap

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Hombres its that time of the year wear you get the reel deal with the Voice of Wrestling sure Im gonna update you with the wrestleoffs and practices and all but friends I know your looking for the lowdown and I got the sources and the truth serum to get it outa them Tommys got his back against the wall and it aint gonna sit well to take it in the shorts from Kale again there aint no love lost between them too but Tommy dont like no other coaches nohow and he wouldnt have it any other way. Tommys gotta plan gents sure we dont know what it is and we dont need two like they aint going to Midlands but thats just part of the plan he got it from book learning reading that book about war by that chinese gent and studying up on all them generals like Patton and all them guys there going to Siberia and hes pulling out all the stops and there gonna give 110 percent or there gonna be sitting on the pines heres the lowdown on the gratest program with the gratest sport by the gratest coach by the way gents hes pulling down $250K a year now and thats cheap money for Barta hats off to you Tommy your making almost as much as the Voice of Wrestling and you aint the straw boss of a bunch of convicts on a blazing roof.


125 McBonos making the long haul again hes got Clark behind him but Tommys gonna give the young freshman a shirt and count on a title hes gotta get by that gent from Illanoy and Megaflash but that aint gonna be no problem come the end of the year.


133 Ramos gotta learn to beat Steeber and hes on the top of the podium Ramos learn to bend your knees and hit some offense over and over early and your there but stand around and your crying in your pudding again.


141 Problem here Zhevas gonna get held out on account of his shoulder until midyear it looks like Ballwig and you hombres know I aint reel hot on him but maybe he can find his way its about time if there in the hunt there gonna bring out Skon at the brake hes tough as nails and could tip the title.


149 Caballeros won of you guys says Carews wrestling on them wrecked knees and Im gonna lose a twelve pack in your lap Gorthus dont got nothing but funk and so your left with Trisseeno or however you spell it Kelly cant make the pull again and I dont care to watch if he does these is too tough weights to watch good bathroom brake time.


157 St John knock off touching your headgear and get to wrestling tough Dakes too much even with Terry in your corner but I seen miracles from Terry hes got the rite stuff keep your fingers crossed hombres.


165 Forget that nonsense about Evans moving up he aint gonna Kellys riding the bench and sos More Evans gets hisself some confidence and moves up to forth take it from the expert hombres theres some grate things about this kid reminds me of me win I was a pup.


174 Gramble until he gets his head busted again its about time he got down to weight if he keeps his act together hes got a shot but hes gotta get by Perry and Perry aint no slouch even if he has outside interests if you know what I mean and you do know what I mean look for Failer to fill in to save Grambles head from braking early.


184 Lofthouse as much as it hurts Tommy aint gonna throw Brooks to the wolves maybe Lofthouse stalls his way to the AA stand otherwise hes staying in Tommys doghouse and thats a place you dont wanta be.


197 I like this Leera gent hes got some moxie plus his ma is a reel eyepiece friends reel good family from down there to West Liberty aint far from my place Burak aint ready but if it comes to the title there gonna wrestle him hes had a year out there to Colorado Springs and if hes strong and got some fite in him Tommys gonna give him his shot.


HVW Tellfords got some weight on him but hombres he dont got nobody to work out with him needs somebody there to push him still hes tough and ready to go and hes gonna be a AA for sure top four.




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I don't know if it's just because I've missed it in my life or what, but that was one of the best one's I've read. Multiple laugh fests. Flap doesn't seem overly high on the boys but I like that team. Some holes for sure but still a pretty good team. Soooo good to read the Flap again.

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