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JB...The perfect storm

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Guy has unbelievable God/parent given talent. He trains as hard as anybody. Complete class. Current freestyle rules are perfect for his wrestling style, especially the double that he has perfected. And to top it off, 74KG seems like the perfect weight for his body type (height and build). He can, and does, train like a freak without having to worry about cutting weight to an uncomfortable level. He also has built his muscle mass to the perfect level for his body size (balancing strength with speed) and stayed within the 74KG max.


Roll that all together an you have Jordan Burroughs. Already a legend and likely to go down as the greatest American wrestler of all time. That's right, of all time.....Maybe even has a shot at being the greatest wrestler of all time (any country).


Only negative about JB is that we likely won't get to see Dake, and possibly Taylor (unless he can go up a class), compete in Worlds or Olympics (barring injury to JB...maybe even not barring injury). At least not in their prime....But that's not JB's problem.

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