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IRAN 2 Golds with mostly second string GR team

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After every single member of iran's successful 2012 olympic Greco-roman team refused to compete or participate in this year's world championship, iran showed up with the combination of second and third string team. Except for one or two wrestlers that had competed at the world level before, most were newcomers with almost no international experience at the world stage.


The coaches staff were also brand new after the team had lost the first string coaches.


IRAN's hard core wrestling fans were upset with not having the first team but somehow this team managed to win 2 golds.


Absent from the competition were:


55 kg-Hamid Sourian (5 time world champions, 2012 Olympic champion)

60 kg-omid Norouzi (2012 olympic champion, 2011 world champion)

66 kg-Saeid Abdevali (2011 world champion)

84 kg-Habib akhlaghi (2009 bronze medalist)

96 kg-Ghassem Rezaei (2012 olympic champion)

120kg-Bashir Babajanzadeh(2011 bronze medalist)

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I don't know about the coach (I think he quit, to be honest) and I think many of the wrestlers did not wrestle because the coach quit. I think Sourian might want to retire. It's a great preformance like Iran, though I'm not sure that Ali Akbari (world champ who just returned from a suspension) and Netamapour (who has been the #1 guy before I think) are really second stringers. Someone more familiar with Iranian wrestling can feel free to correct me though.

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