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Taylor vs Dake Is On!!

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Well what kind of domination are you talking about then? Taylor against Hatchett from the finals last year? You won't see that hardly ever among elite wrestlers. And not to change the subject from Dake too much, but if we are throwing out all freestyle results, how do you think Taylor would do against Howe in folkstyle. After watching their freestyle match, I wouldn't be prepared to throw out that result.


Yes, you hardly see that sort of domination at this level at all...let alone when two guys at Dake and Taylor's level wrestle...they simple do not get dominated* (in that way) and that was the point I was making.


To clear up, I am not exactly saying freestyle head to head results do not matter...I am just saying that they do not matter anywhere near as much as people are suggesting they do, and there are multiple examples for this...plus the fact that the scoring and the risk/reward for shooting and scrambling is totally different.


As for Taylor v Howe in folk...I would be very interested in that match up. I think it would be somewhat similar to Dake v Taylor...only Howe being a bit more to the extreme side of the Brute-Force spectrum. It is hard to say what would happen. Much Like Dake v Taylor...if Howe can control pace and tie up and keep the score low he most likely wins...if Taylor can control the pace and score points and move he most likely wins. Its a clash of styles.

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