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Want a job in wrestling?

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This position offers a huge opportunity for someone passionate about wrestling who has an interest in technology. The winning candidate will make a significant contribution to the sport of wrestling, and will have opportunity use/learn a broad set of technology skills. This could be the best job of your life.

Duties & Responsibilities: Coordinate video services at some of the most amazing wrestling tournaments in the country. Safely transport video equipment to events. Physically setup of all equipment, cabling, and software prior to event. Operate the equipment and oversee the delivery of all video services for the tournament director. Build and maintain relationships with tournament directors, officials, coaches and others in the wrestling community. Safely return the equipment home

Other responsibilities may include: Editing HTML coverage pages. Simple graphic editing, working with logos and customer provided artwork. Managing communication through social networks. Supporting customers with technical questions, and other duties as assigned.

Required Skills:

Responsible & Dependable


Safe Driving

Wrestling Experience

Basic Computer Literacy


Optional Skills: Apple Computers

TCP/IP Networking



Gimp / Photoshop


Video Editing

Call 402-630-1726 if you know someone that could be a good fit.

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I'm located near Omaha, but we do events all over. We do the NCAA Championships for all three divisions, we support all of the USA Wrestling covered events, and have a growing list of events every year.


I would love to find someone in the Midwest, but I'm very interested to talk with anyone that could be a good fit.

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You can learn more about the company here:




Also, it looks like they need someone in a hurry since they have a web site that doesn't work:




Our goal is to promote the sport of wrestling by increasing the presentation quality of wrestling events. We hope to grow the wrestling fan base, and reinvest our profits in further popularization of wrestling and in athlete retention.



Wrestling Video Solutions is company that benefits wrestling. We’re staffed completely by volunteers and part time contractors. Our only goal is to promote the sport of wrestling. If we raise more money than we need to cover our costs, we make investments in wrestling.


We provide an ever-expanding suite of video services for wrestling events. We do streaming and recording with custom graphic overlays that display the wrestling information you want. We automate many aspects of the production of the video and of distribution to social networks.

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