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The best wrestler is actually the one who...

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...trains the least but places the highest.


Think about it.


It's like the guy who sits in the back of the class napping, or doesn't even bother coming to class, but gets a high grade in the class anyway, maybe even gets the best grade in the class.


Compared to the guy who studies 10 hours a day and gets the same or slightly better grade.


Likewise, it's not as remarkable to win a state or NCAA title if all you've done since you were 5 is wrestle, go to as many off-season freestyle/greco tournaments as possible, go to summer camps, have a dedicated dad/uncle who guided you all way...basically live and breathe wrestling. A very common scenario for almost all state/NCAA champs.


But show me a guy who only started wrestling in high school, has no familial support to take him to tournaments/camps in the off-season, but still places high or even wins state/NCAA...that's the real deal there.


One's a manufactured champion, the other is legit talent.

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