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jrob calls out cael on dual proposal

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I didn't mean all PSU fans...just the group on this message board like CT Mopar and Flying Tiger. They are horrible people, plain and simple. Tiggy posted the names of the seeding committee when he felt his team didn't get a fair shake. The only reason someone does this is to do harm onto those individuals. Yes, they are the lowest class of human.


They aren't horrible, they just see you as an easy mark. Why let up on a fool?

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2X NCAA Champ fails and lays down...Basically an EGG...Minnesota in control of the Scuffle and laid an EGG in the QTR's...Minny in control of the B1G and laid an EGG...Minnesota in control once again and laid the biggest EGG...You folks need to "Pay Attention"!!!


Does he have to speak with every coach???


P.S. The PSU "Train" will fill the stands not sure Minnesota does!!!


When he is speaking for them, and or when he makes claims like he did. Yea he should.


I am glad you have had a good team for two whole years. That is awesome.


I am actually very impressed with what Cael has done and applaud him for it. Some of us can respect and appreciate all sorts of teams. But as we have seen in your post and wrestle(iam9) post some people can't.


Yea its out east you wil probably have more fans, do you want us to make a trophy for you? Grow up.


ctmopar, you need to grow up and learn how to show some class. There is nothing worse, IMHO, that a sore winner who likes to rub their win into others faces. Try acting like an adult for once.

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