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Hey Adam - request & question

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First off (and probably obvious from some of my previous posts), I'm a big fan of your opinions on these boards. (Also a big fan of you as a 149 NCAA champion out of a brutal bracket, if I remember correctly.)


My request: If you can, I'd love to see that bracket again for fun. Not so computer savvy, couldn't find it.


As for my question:


Pretty sure you posted some data on the weights and weight classes of men around the world. Was looking for it (checked all the "Stan" posts - not there.) Do you remember which title that post is under, or could you post it again?


Thanks Adam, you're great for the sport.

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Is there video of the finals from 01? Looks like it was a great finals.


Yeah Tony, the Tirapelle - Esposito final is on youtube. I also enjoyed the Tirapelle - Jared Lawrence semifinal on youtube. Looked liked Adam broke Jared's will after that first counter -scramble -takedown sequence in the first period. (Maybe I shouldn't say that - Jared Lawrence was a stud.)


And thanks again flwrestler, all the 2001 weight class brackets were included in your post. And as far as the 149 brutal bracket, # 1 seed Reggie Wright (totally forgot about him), Frayer, Lawrence, Espo, Mike Zadick, Billman, Kulczycki, Schmeising, and even Jesse Jantzen. Wow, just loaded.


(And I did finally find all the NCAA brackets on the internet - just opened a whole new can of worms for myself with these NCAA brackets and youtube.)


On that note I forgot that Cael wrestled Cormier in the 2001 NCAA finals. Couldn't find that match on youtube. really want to see that one.


However, I did run into Cael vs Gatsalov at a World Cup on youtube. What a great match! And once again, it's like a Russian theme, the Russians always seem to get off a quality shot and finish when they're behind in "short time". Just amazing.

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