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Minnesota vs Purdue update

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Much closer match than Team score indicates thus far:


125: No. 18 Eppert - Sam Bricalli MN - Eppert defeated Bricalli like 5-1


133: Ayersman (P) vs #8 Thorn (M) - Thorn dominated with 6 takedowns


141: Danny Sabatello (P) vs #5 Chris Dardanes - close match 2-1 Dardanes on late first period takedown


149: Griffin (P) vs #4 Nick Dardanes - Dardanes with sloppy 8-4 out win - got turned in 3rd period - good match with Purdue's back-up


157: Welch (P) vs. Ness -#3 Ness was losing 6-1 in 3rd period and caught Welch with funky head figure four on defense for pin. Up to that point Welch was dominating Ness.


165: Chad Welch (M) vs. #16 Zilverberg (M) - Zilveberg dominated 10-2


174: Hoselton (P) vs. #4 Storely (M) - Storely cruises to easy 18-4 win


184: Lynde (P) vs Farr (M) Farr - Farr wins 12-2


197: #16 Atwood vs. #3 Shiller (M)


285: White vs Nelson (M) #1 Ranked -

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Ness, not judging, but he had his hands full.


197: #16 Atwood vs. #3 Shiller (M) - Shiller looked strong won 15-7 with riding time, but a well contested match. Atwood closed it to 7-6 near the end of the 2nd period with a Wyoming TD, but then Shiller caught him high in the legs and reversed him for a 4 point reversal and near fall to make it 11-6.

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