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International Sporting News recognizes wrestling's struggle

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http://www.francsjeux.com/2013/12/27/il ... lutte/7733


Translation below:


The news of the international sports movement has had little respite and dead time during the year 2013. Elections, nominations , events, controversies ... FrancsJeux was sorting through a lot especially provided. Out of the hat and the top 10 men, women , sports, countries or institutions that have made for us in 2013.


# 7 : The Struggle


Its year 2013. Unlikely year for wrestling and for its international federation , FILA . In February, the IOC Executive Board took everyone by surprise by announcing that wrestling was recommended for exclusion from the Olympic program starting w/ the 2020 Games . The leaders of this ancient discipline, in the Olympics since 708 BC, did not see the blow coming. They were gathered in Bangkok for a FILA Bureau meeting when the IOC referred their sport into oblivion . The reaction of wrestlers from around the world (80 million practitioners ) was spectacular. American athletes went to Tehran to "unify their anger " against the threat of the IOC. The Iranians then traveled to New York for a high-profile exhibition in the Central Station. Vladimir Putin himself has cracked a comment Combat Support Wrestling, holding its exclusion "unjustified" . In September , Buenos Aires , the General Assembly of the IOC overturns the proposal of the Executive Committee . Wrestling got 49 votes , against 24 baseball / softball and squash 22 to retain its place in the Olympic program. Much ado about nothing.


What to expect in 2014. The coming year will certainly be quieter. Remaining games , wrestling saved its future. The shot was close, but the long months of uncertainty have been beneficial to wrestling. FILA has revamped its regulations and practices to modernize its image and its competitions , not to mention changing its weight categories. The result will be to observe the World Championships in 2014 , scheduled early September in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The storm that rumbled over its head had the merit of placing wrestling in the spotlight . In 2014 , the high risk to regain its usual anonymity.

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