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Remaining Undefeated Wrestlers

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McMullan lost yesterday! Chafant loos solid at hwt!


Solid....Chalfant looks like a monster. Not sure if it's McMullan still under the weather, or if it's a 1-time fluke match, but if Chalfant is able to push the action like that against the other HWY's he's gonna be tough to beat

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This was also McMullan's first match since November 17th, so while it might have been a style matchup. It also could have been a little rust as well. That is a tough first match to have after that length of a layoff.

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UPDATED to remove Morrison, Deiringer, Heflin, Corey Mock, Nelson and McMullan


Is this correct?


141- Zain Retherford

141- Mitchell Port


149- Andrew Alton


157- Derek St John

157- James Green

157- Dylan Alton

157- Joey Napoli


165- David Taylor


174- Andrew Howe


184- Jimmy Sheptock

184- Ryan Loder


197- Scott Schiller

197- Travis Rutt


285- Adam Coon

285- Kyle Colling


EDIT: Corey Mock just lost

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Ruth and Steiber lose to freshman!!


This is a good time to be a wrestling fan imo. So much young talent bringing it to upper classman.


I agree. However, Dean is a technically a red shirt freshman while Retherford knocked off Stieber just 6 months after graduating from High School!


Grey shirt* freshman. Typically, red shirts attend college, but don't wrestle Varsity. Grey shirts attend a semester of JC to technically not use a year of eligibility. Cornell does not allow redshirting.


Different words, same thing. He still has a year in a college room just like a redshirt freshman does.

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