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Dake Taylor threads sad

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What's sad is with JB no longer with USAW the forum quality will likely deteriorate.



News to me as well. Nothing on TheMat.com front page. Where is he going?



I only know he's relocating. He will be missed.

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Guest Hammerlock3
What's sad to me is that we have adopted and supported this belief that the best thing to do with a problem is to be silent and ignore it. As if taking a stand and speaking out against the wrongs that people commit is never the answer.

Been a member of the board for 10 years now, that philosophy is working real well isn't it? We sure have eliminated the crass talk and rude behavior haven't we.


I personally feel that you're right Big10fan and rather than watch you have to endure it alone, I'll take some of the flack with you for standing beside you in being sick of the trash that goes on here.



PS notice how certain noble posters are willing to "take some of the flack" (jesus himself? check the IP) while instructing us on how to talk/think.


the motivations of these dopes are obvious.

I'm not going to disagree with you on that, because I believe your right. However, even with malcious intent it does illustrate an important point. Why exactly are people digging graves for those who don't deserve them. Why is it that a certain wrestler can behave like an absolute jackass off the mat, get in trouble with the law countless number of times, be abusive to his girlfriend and be a complete rascist prick, yet people love him and praise him cause of how good he is on the mat and yet another young man who is a downright good citizen, who spends his spare time actually contributing to his community has to know that posters are ripping him apart simply because he didn't go undefeated.


Yeah, I guess I will speak out about that.



What are you talking about?!?!??!




no one likes him


I'm not telling people not to speak out, I am telling them not to start lame, useless, arrogant, condescending, and altogether thoughtless topics implying we need to suck the *** of every stud who comes down the pipe

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