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D-1 Week in Preview, January 20-26

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All times are Eastern, with local times in parenthesis.


Wednesday, January 22:


Chattanooga at The Citadel, 6:00 PM

Duke at Appalachian State, 6:30 PM


Thursday, January 23:


Campbell at Gardner-Webb, 7:00 PM

Lehigh at Oregon State, 10:00 PM (7:00 PM)


Friday, January 24:


Grand Canyon at NCWA Collegiate Cup, Dalton, GA, 12:00 PM

Boise State at Arizona State, 7:00 PM (5:00 PM)

Old Dominion at Binghamton, 7:00 PM

Edinboro at Cleveland State, 7:00 PM

Bucknell at Columbia, 7:00 PM

Drexel at Hofstra, 7:00 PM

Wisconsin at Indiana, 7:00 PM

Michigan State at Michigan, 7:00 PM

Maryland at North Carolina, 7:00 PM

Campbell at North Carolina State, 7:00 PM

Kent State at Ohio, 7:00 PM

Nebraska at Ohio State, 7:00 PM

Illinois at Penn State, 7:00 PM

Virginia at Pittsburgh, 7:00 PM

Duke vs. Virginia Tech at Charlotte, NC, 7:30 PM

Davidson at VMI, 7:30 PM

Air Force at North Dakota State, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)

Missouri at Northern Iowa, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)

Iowa State at Oklahoma State, 8:00 PM (7:00 PM)

Cal Poly at Wyoming, 9:00 PM (7:00 PM)

Simpson at Stanford, 9:30 PM (6:30 PM)


Saturday, January 25:


Grand Canyon at NCWA Collegiate Cup, Dalton, GA, 9:00 AM

Franklin & Marshall at George Mason, 12:00 PM

American at Binghamton, 1:00 PM

Rider at Boston U., 1:00 PM

Brown at Cornell, 2:00 PM

Minnesota at Iowa, 2:00 PM (1:00 PM)

Navy at North Carolina, 2:00 PM

Oklahoma at Oregon State, 2:30 PM (11:30 AM)

Missouri at Northern Illinois, 3:00 PM (2:00 PM)

Stanford at San Francisco State, San Francisco, CA, 4:00 PM (1:00 PM)

Old Dominion at Buffalo, 7:00 PM

Bloomsburg at Edinboro, 7:00 PM

Boston U. at Harvard, 7:30 PM




Appalachian State hosting Appalachian Open, Boone, NC

SIU-Edwardsville at Grand View Open, Des Moines, IA


Sunday, January 26:


Ohio at Buffalo, 1:00 PM

The Citadel at Davidson, 1:00 PM

Wisconsin at Northwestern, 1:00 PM (12:00 PM)

Army at Penn, 1:00 PM

Nebraska at Purdue, 1:00 PM

Lehigh at Boise State, 1:30 PM (11:30 AM)

Rutgers at Cornell, 2:00 PM

Central Michigan at Kent State, 2:00 PM

Illinois at Michigan State, 2:00 PM

Virginia Tech at North Carolina State, 2:00 PM

Brown at Sacred Heart, 2:00 PM

Air Force at South Dakota State, 2:00 PM (1:00 PM)

Franklin & Marshall vs. The Citadel at Davidson, 2:30 PM

Franklin & Marshall at Davidson, 4:00 PM

Cal Poly at Northern Colorado, 4:00 PM (2:00 PM)

Army at Drexel, 7:00 PM

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Too bad you missed Jan 19. #5 OU vs #7 Northern Iowa. A couple matches between highly ranked guys. I'm looking forward to Brewer vs Colon. I expect Colon to win, but Brewer has been destroying most the guys he's wrestled this year.

Hadn't even noticed I forgot to post it last week...well, fortunately, it's posted now!

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Hopefully the Lehigh/Oregon State meet happens as planned...the Lehigh SID is tweeting that their flight out to Oregon last night (tonight Pacific time) was cancelled. It does look like flights out there are fairly wide open for this morning (or, for those in Corvallis, tomorrow morning), but nobody ever knows what's going on at any given time with the airlines...

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