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Looking for Freestyle/Greco Broadcast Announcer

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Anyone interested in visiting paradise in the pacific this March and announcing the 2014 YOG Qualifying Tournament and the 2014 Oceania Wrestling Championships on local TV, please contact me. We will cover all of your local lodging and meals cost. But you will have to cover your own travel .


Any interested referees or tournament helpers can also contact me for more information.


Kind Regards



Ethan Lake

President, ASAWA

American Samoa Amateur Wrestling Association


Cell: +1.684.770.1006

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You'd be hard pressed to find any American wrestling person to go that weekend, considering it's the NCAA Division I Championships. Basically every wrestling personality in the US would be there


A warm weather destination is a nice treat, though


I'm still wondering what came out from the poor handling of the CJ Floor Olympic issue ...

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It's a shame what happened to that young man.


Not to me. The kid tried to use his spot on the team to strong arm the federation into having his father as the coach. Could you imagine if they tried that in the USA or Russia?


"Yeah, coach Zeke, I made the team and now you are going to have to hire my father as the coach, incur his budget, and go ahead and let him do the coaching from here on out. We cool?"

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