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PS v UM | Best Super Bowl Pre-Game Show

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125: Conaway dec. Youtsey 3-0 PSU

133: Guilbon dec. Bruno 6-0 PSU

141: Retherford dec. Dutton 9-0 PSU

149: Grajales dec. Alton/Bietz 9-3 PSU

157: Alton dec. Murphy 12-3 PSU

165: Taylor maj. Yates 16-3 PSU

174: Brown fall Zeerip 22-3 PSU

184: Ruth maj. Abounader 26-3 PSU

197: McIntosh maj. Heald 30-3 PSU

HWT: Coon dec. Lawson/Ruggear 30-6 PSU


Several toss up matches, but ultimately I think PSU wins most. 125,133,149,157 could all go Michigan's way. If that is the case, I still have PSU winning 21-15.

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The Lions and Wolverines' Super Bowl Sunday Dual starts at 3:30 p.m. live on the Big Ten Network in a match where the winner will clinch at least a share of the Big Ten regular season title.

Only true for Penn State. Michigan would not clinch a share of the Big Ten regular season title, given that they have two Big Ten Duals left, at Nebraska and at Iowa (neither of which are gimmies).

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The worst thing about basketball.....You are down 15 with only a minute to go.......give the hell up already...


Weird, I just yelled the same thing to my tv. "You're down by 15pts, you aren't making that up in 1:30" Although my tv heard me throw a few expletives in there for good measure. lol

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