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I swore I wouldn't fork over $1,000 plus again...but it was always a foregone conclusion I guess. It's an incredible season and I just could not stay home and watch it.


Thank you Priceline and Hotwire. Saved a few hundred for a room and a car (anyone needing advice as to how to do that can PM me and I'll be glad to help). Airfare is another story. See y'all in March!




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If you are looking for ways to cut cost for Nationals - check airfares into Dallas and consider renting a car or take the train.


The light rail runs from DFW to the Fort Worth train station and you can connect from Love Field.


Amtrak departs Fort Worth at 5:25 PM and arrives OKC at 9:39 PM. It departs OKC each day at 8:25 AM and arrives in Fort Worth at 12:30 PM. Round trip fare was $56.00.


The drive from Dallas to OKC is under three hours each way.


Airfares today -

DC to OKC $406.00

DC to DFW $328.00


Cleveland to OKC $457.00

Cleveland to DFW $412.00


Chicago to OKC $432.00

Chicago to DFW $254.00

Chicago to DFW on Spirit $168.00 but make sure you know what your buying.


Dates of travel were March 19 and return on the 23rd

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