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Wrestling Needs More Flair

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Watching Dylan Ness elevate and pin an undefeated wrestler reminded me of the days of old. Back in my college days, people were much more serious about wrestling it seemed. You be the judge...


In the semifinals of an open tournament I was winning a match 14-4 with riding time not yet added on. There were no team points to speak of so we were literally on our own with nothing but our own matches to concern ourselves with. I was wrestling a short and stalky guy, pretty much feeding it to him. When I wanted to score I did, when I wanted to build riding time, I did. His poor technique and one dimensional wrestling style was easy for me to pick apart. My girlfriend, who was still a high school senior was at this tournament, and it was about time I did something to impress her since she was always taking the backseat to the sport that I loved. With about eight seconds left in the match we were wrestling from neutral and I decided it wasn't worth pretending anymore with this pretend college athlete. We were hand fighting and head fighting the past twenty seconds and of course, he didn't know how to get past my head and hands to shoot his only shot-- a double leg. And a bad one it was. Regardless of the circumstance, I was bored and thinking of going back to the bleachers, having a banana and some gummy worms and laying my head on the GF's leg as if it were my personal pillow. With eight seconds left I stood straight up and offered my hand out to save a couple seconds at the end of the match. This guy looked stunned. It took him about 1.5 seconds to realize the time on the clock had not expired so he drove me through on a power double. On the way to the mat and during my back-pedal I managed to gain an underhook and get my arm in place to grab his chin. Being the better athlete, I hit an elevator on him with him landing flat on his back. No points were awarded as the time expired about the time he landed. Just to be funny, when the ref tapped us and broke the match I stayed in my opponents face and gave out a big "WOOO" just like my idol RIck Flair. My opponent did not care for that as he frantically pushed my face away and scrambled like a toddler who had not learned the proper gate for crawling yet. Stunned by his response, I got off of him slowly, wondering if we would exchange pleasantries on the award stand later on, or if I had blown that opportunity. I of course got off of him, using his chest as a crutch of my own to propel me to a standing position. I offered to help him up, but he only slapped my hand away. When doing the real post-match handshake I tried to calm the situation by telling him "I was only trying to be Rick Flair, I'm sure you understand". To that he says very clearly, "*&%#$ you A$$H842". Geez, I thought. That guy must be bi-polar as he showed no signs of being so emotional during the first 6:52 seconds of our match.


FYI- The gummy worms were great. We didn't speak a word to each other on the podium that day. Of course it wouldn't have been fairly rude of me to talk through two people while I was standing on the top and he was over there in sixth place. My girlfriend actually ran off with some other female about two years later. Some softball player at her girls only college. Who knew.


Please feel free to share your Dylan Ness stories here also. Wrestling is truly the best sport!!

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