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cow catcher counter?

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some options in no particular order...


Dump (there are a few variations)

Spin through (risky unless great at it.)

Circle and drive up to feet and reshoot

Peel hand of chin and get out from under or to opponents legs.


Too many kids dive in and stop. Really best to clear out and get off of knees before getting trapped under and needing to look for some of moves listed above.

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Clamping down on the undertook is important, but the critical thing, in my opinion, is that you must not allow the other wrestler to control your chin, or head. Get his hand/fingers off your chin. Obviously all this has to be done while keeping your base underneath you.


With what I've seen at youth and high school levels, the cement job/cow catcher works pretty well against those attacking wrestlers who just ignore the position and keep driving in no matter what. Its important for the kids to recognize when there is trouble and to get rid of it first before continuing an attack.

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