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New FILA vice president : Mikhail Mamiashvili

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Per internet translate:

On 28 February, in Rome (Italy) is the meeting of the Bureau International federation united styles style wrestling). Vice-president of the athlets was unanimously elected as the President of the Federation of Russia to combat sports, Olympic champion Mikhail Мамиашвили. Its election Mikhail Мамиашвили commented on WRESTRUS.ru.


"My candidature for the post of vice-president , put forward by the President of the President of the athlets athlets Nenad Лалович, - he said Мамиашвили. - Then it was a standard procedure for the submission of biographies and, in fact, voting itself. In the end I have supported even the members of the Bureau, with whom my position and vision to combat a few apart. New post - this is a serious confidence and even greater responsibility. Today's election results were interesting, as well as an assessment of merit in terms of the preservation of the Olympic program. And also, as the recognition capacity of our country and its role in the further development of sports in the world. For many years Federation of sports to fight Russia, in which the command is literate and experienced professionals, has initiated progressive change. Many of them have been implemented only in the past year, when combat had to prove their right to stay in the Olympic family. I am sure that on the basis of the opportunities our country and enormous significance of the struggle, we will be able to benefit your favorite sport".


Mikhail Мамиашвили also told that the bureau athlets commended the work of the group "The Fight Against-2020" under the leadership of George Herzen, which had been preparing presentations to combat to the September session of the International Olympic Committee and the implementation change. "The Bureau athlets retained the group "The Fight Against-2020" the functions on the development and implementation of the reform world combat", - said Mikhail Мамиашвили.



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