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Why so hard on Minnesota?

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125:Brancale doing any better than he did was a longshot.

133:3 seed Thorn made it to the semis and has a good chance to wrestle to seed. Anyone who thought he should have beat Graff is fooling themselves.

141:3 seed Dardanes had less chance than Thorn. Has a very good chance to wrestle to seed.

149: 2 seed Dardanes lost to a VERY good 3 seed in Tsirtsis. I picked Tsirtsis to win the weight. Dardanes should wrestle back to 3rd.

157: 3 seed Ness lost to possibly his worst match up at the weight. Green is too slick and crisp on his takedowns and won't engage Ness above the waist. He should wrestle back to seed.

165: 6 seed Zilverberg made it to the semis and has a great chance to make the 3rd place match.

174: 4 seed Storley(I really wanted to see him win) lost a tight match to Kokesh and still can wrestle to or above his seed.

184: 2 seed Steinhaus lost a close one to the 3 seed, however, I honestly don't understand Steinhaus getting the seed over a two loss Lofthouse.

197: 3 seed Schiller lost a close match to 2nd seed Heflin, who he had already lost to. He has a great chance to wrestle to seed.

285: 4 seed Nelson made it to the finals.


All in all, Zilverberg and Nelson's performance above their seeds should MORE than cover the loss of the 2-2 seeds falling a tad short. How they wrestle in the consolations tomorrow will show more than how they performed in the semis.

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It comes down to whether or not you fall into the "Diehard Fan" category or the "Pragmatic fan". By being from MSU the latter has been forced upon me. I actually like it since it makes it a lot easier for me to take a step back and look at results without letting emotion get in the way.


I know all Minnesota fans want the best they can get. With so many in the semis you had to hope for more finalists than Nelson. However, Minnesota's performance, as a whole, is still better than what they were seeded to achieve.

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Fair analysis and fair conclusion. I'm an admitted Gopher fan so my thoughts on this carry some bias. I thought 6 of the semi matches were really tossups regardless of seed (I'm not including Nelson in that list, he's the only one I considered to be a legitimate favorite for MN). Based on that I thought we would have found a way to win a couple.



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