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A "Good" Seed

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It seems that sometimes, its advantageous to have a lower seed, given stylistic match-ups. I know that there is seed protection, where in matches are skipped so as to protect records and get a higher seeding argument, but are there any cases in which the argument is made in favor of a lower seed?


For instance - take 197. Hypothetically, let's say the seeding ends up like this:


1. Heflin

2. Cox

3. McIntosh

4. Gadson


Assuming the seeds all play out, McIntosh would meet Cox in the semis. Mac came much closer to beating Heflin than he did Cox. Would the argument be made in favor of moving Gadson to the 3rd seed so that McIntosh meets Heflin in the semis, and thus has a statistically better chance to reach the finals than if he was the 3rd seed himself?

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