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Upsets let's call em!

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Don't worry, JT#1's final NCAA predictions are coming. I'm doing them a little different than I have in year's past so they might not come until Monday, but they'll be here. In the mean time, looking over the bracket, we have got to do some 1st round upset predictions.



Dominic Parasi of Appalachian State over #14 Eddie Klimara of Oklahoma State - Parasi made a name for himself knocking off two seeded wrestlers last year and I think he'll begin this tournament much like the did that one.


Earl Hall of Iowa State over #13 Evan Silver of Stanford - In all sense of reality this ought to be a very close match, but I think Hall pulls it out by a point.



Rossi Bruno of Michigan over #15 Mark Grey of Cornell - They've met once this season and it was Grey winning a tight 3-2 match. I say Bruno wins this time around.



Josh Dziewa of Iowa over #13 Stephen Dutton of Michigan - Same scenario as Grey and Bruno


Mike Nevinger of Cornell over #7 Zach Horan of Central Michigan - Nevinger is a tournament wrestler, having 2 AA's already to his resume he's proven that not only can he wrestle well at the NCAA's, he will. Horan won't be the only seeded wrestler Nevinger knocks off at this tournament.






Josh Kreimier of Air Force over #1 James Green of Nebraska - oh No I didn't! Oh NO I DID NOT! Oh, yes, I did :) Green has had a history of having a rough first day at the NCAA's and he got mighty unlucky drawing Kreimier in the first round. Here me out, if it wasn't for an injury plagued season, Kreimier would be ranked in the top 8 right now and he'd have a top 8 seed himself. He's a dangerous wrestler who can be lethal on top and who wrestles a very similar style to Jedd Moore, which always seemed to shut down Green's offense. The last time they met, Kreimier held Green to an 8-5 decision. Call me crazy if you want, but I'm not completely throwing this out of left field. Kreimier has the tools to unseed Green here adn I say he does it.



Zach Toal of Missouri over #7 Pierce Harger of Northwestern - considering that Toal won their meeting 4-2 earlier this season, I don't know how much of an upset outside of "on paper" this really is.









Both unseeded but interesting to note that I'm picking Mario Gonzalez of Illinois over Blake Rosholt of Oklahoma State for those who may want to know.




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133 first round - Gustafson VT over Quiroga Purdue


Both have big gas tanks and Gustfason is getting hot at the right time. Quiroga burst onto the scene as a true frosh in 2010 when he upset Nicholson ODU, made the semis and placed 6th at 125, finishing with a 28-15 record on the year.


Gustafson is a junkyard dog who will go the whole 7 minutes. If he can pull it off, he'll likely see Soto from UTC who he majored at the Natl duals last month.



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125 Silver over martinez

Germainie over Taylor

Peters to Semis


133 Beckman vs Mango -can go mango


141 Nevinger over horan


149 Richardson over Houdashelt

Minnotti over dardanes


157 Reabulto to quarters

Ian Miller NCAA Champ


165 palacio over Sulzer


184 Lofthouse to finals vs ruth


197 Gadsen over all of them they seeded in front of him

wellington over Heflin


Frank C

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JT, I hope you are right about Nevinger, but his health may prevent him from doing well. If he is healthy I think JT, your analysis is right, if it's not he may be two and out. Although, if he were healthy all year I think he would have been seeded.

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125- Nicky Roberts over Dylan Peters

Evan Silver over Josh Martinez


133- I think this is pretty much chalk


141- Lazor over Dardanes

Nevinger over Horan and then Preston

Johnston over Henderson

Durso over Carter


149- English over Cottrell

Sako over Dardanes

Sako over Kindig


157- Ian Miller Champ

Scheidel over Pena


165- Toal over Harger

Mock over Sulzer


174- ??


184- Abounader over Lofthouse Consi qts


197- Richard Perry to the finals

Rutt over Cox


285- Tasser over McClure

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