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Missing Boise State Starters at Cowboy Open

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I was hoping to see how several of the BSU retrurners would fare at the Cowboy Open. I understand, of course, why Chamberlain is not there...but hope that Owen, Strait, Cuthbertson, and Chriswell will not remain MIA for long.

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[table][tr][td]BSU Lineup:

125 Landon Hartley (Rami Haddadin is wresling in the cowboy open before deciding whether to Redshirt or not)


133 Brenton Beard will weigh in at 125 (Ben Demeulle is ineligible first semester, Brian Owen is eligible to compete November 18th)


141 Manny Ybarra, will weight in at 133 (Strait isn't 100% yet, Himmelman and Alec Robbie are eligible for the Cowboy Open, Casey George is ineligible for the first semester)


149 Forfeit: Jason Chamberlain is wrestling in the All-Star dual, Steven Hernandez is injured.


157 Georgi Ivanov


165 Taylor West (Holden Packard will be back for the Cowboy Open)


174 Nick Wooden (Scotty Bacon will be back for the Cowboy Open)(Wooden will weigh in at 165)


184 Jake Swartz


197 Cody Dixon (Brent Chriswell is supposed to be ready for the Cowboy Open)


285 JT Felix


And also some more info:


[highlight=#ffffff]BSU has 22 wrestlers competing in the Cowboy Open


125 elite Landon Hartley, Brenton Beard

125 amateur RS Matt Nader, RS Rami Haddadin

133 amateur Manny Ybarra

141 elite Travis Himmelman, Alec Robbie

141 amateur RS Kevin Coburn


157 elite Georgi Ivanov, Chris Castillo

165 elite Taylor West, Nick Wooden, Holden Packard

165 amateur RS Austin Dewey

174 elite Scotty Bacon

174 amateur Brennen Connolly

184 elite Jake Swartz, RS Wilhelm Meyer

184 amatuer RS Kadyn Del Toro

197 elite Brent Chriswell, Cody Dixon

285 JT Felix[/highlight][/td][/tr][/table]



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