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Gold Medal Training Camp

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Olympian Ken Chertow will conduct camps this summer across the United States. Here is the schedule: http://kenchertow.com/?page=summer_camp_list


We offer group discounts and have 4-day to 4-week camp options for all ages!


Request a brochure here: http://kenchertow.com/?page=subscribe


Email camps@kenchertow.com if you have questions!

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We also offer Super Gold options for wrestlers looking for our most intensive training camp.


Many Super Gold Camps are multi-location, meaning that you start in one camp location and travel with us to the next, where you build on what was already learned and get to drill and wrestle with new partners.


You can learn more and view all of the Super Gold camp options here: http://kenchertow.com/?page=summer_super_gold

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