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Champions Predictions

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Hardly specific, but nevertheless my light assessment of this year's finals. And a board for all of yours.


125 - Delgado WBD

Delgado is the only wrestler in 125 to match and possibly surpass Garrett's quickness and finesse, which is Garrett's most lethal characteristic by far. Delgado having beat Garrett this year already also helps.


133 - Ramos WBD

It's amazing how close many of Tony's matches have been thus far, which makes it even more surprising that he beat Schopp by fall. Graff has looked just as good, if not, better than Ramos on his feet throughout this tournament - but mat wrestling might decide this match, in which case Ramos is favored.


141 - Stieber WBD

This has nail-biter all over it.. Carter looks as hungry as he does audacious on the mat. Good in all positions, well-conditioned, experienced and tactically diverse. But the same can be said for Stieber.


149 - Kindig WBD

W/L Ratio aside, these two looks pretty evenly matched up on paper. I'd give the slight edge to Kindig on his feet because he creates so much motion and he's so quick. But kudos to Tsirtsis for getting this far - I thought Houdashelt would bring this home.


157 - Dieringer WBD

I love Ness just as much as the next guy, but it's hard to bet against a 1-loss Dieringer. At this point, I can't see Dieringer falling to Ness' funk and he is 1-0 vs Dylan after all. Dieringer's been my personal favorite win this since he placed Silver at Worlds and still is.


165 - Taylor WBD or Pin

Caldwell said in Semi-interview that he'll open up because he isn't afraid to give up back points(and by necessity, a pin) to Taylor. That's dangerous to say the least. Granted, Caldwell has been wrestling better in this tournament than.. well.. ever - maybe he'll rise to the challenge?


174 - Howe WBD

Perry should've been in the backside after yesterday. Either way, Howe will beat him.


184 - Ruth WBD

I'm limiting this to a decision not because Sheptock is better than Dean, but because I legitimately think Sheptock has a chance to pull an upset. I think this'll be a very exciting match.


197 - Cox WBD

Heflin straight out said in post-Semi interview that he bumped up because of Ruth. Maybe Heflin has trouble keeping up with super-athletic 197ers like Cox? Obviously Ruth is much more than a super-athlete, but after seeing Cox wrestle throughout this season and tournament, I don't doubt he might be as well.


HWT - Nelson WBD

Tony will be a 3xer.

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125 - Garrett over the scarecrow.

133 - Ramanos gets taken down twice in the first period, but Graff gasses in the 3rd and gets caught by a cow.

141 - Stieber has looked as quick and active as ever. 8-3.

149 - I like Kindig.

157 - Ness by pin.

165 - Taylor by infatuation.

174 - Howe stays out of the camel clutch by not choosing down but still loses in double OT by an exciting Perry escape.

184 - Ruth 3-2.

197 - J'Den Cox is the one stuntin' here, as Steve-O goes down.

285 - Nelson doggystyles his way to a 2-0 win.

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