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Projected Lineups 2014-15

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As much as I enjoy this type of humor, Dierenger going 165 pretty much eliminates the joke altogether.  Add in what OSU has in the stable at 174 and I think it is very likely that Marstellar redshirts this upcoming season

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There is a very recent interview with Cael Sanderson that has some people speculating that Nico might redshirt. Cael talks about every weight class, and this is the line up I am envisioning after reading the interview:


125 Conoway (Nico redshirts)

133 Gulibon

141 Zain (no redshirt)

149 A. Alton (finally healthy according to Cael)

157 D Alton (finally healthy as well)

165 Garrett Hammond

174 Matt Brown

184 Matt McCutcheon or Wesley Phipps

197 Morgan McIntosh

Hwt Could be any of four guys. I got the impression that even Nick Nevills had a chance to win the spot. 


Note; Nolf, Nickal, and Corey Rasheed appear to be definite redshirts

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Predicting OSU's lineup for next season is a daunting task.  Even if you are an insider, unless you are an actual coach, I doubt you could be 100% accurate at this time.  Klimara has been suspended and reinstated.  Rumors are flying that Collica can't make 141 again which could push Kindig up to 157 or eliminate Collica from the lineup altogether.  133 or 141(if Collica bumps) would be WIDE OPEN depending on what weight Heil goes.  174 and 184 are logjammed.  Other than Dierenger at 165 and Marsden at 285 I wouldn't be confident enough to bet on any other weight.


I will guess at their 2014-2015 just to see how far off I end up being.


125:  Klimara

133:  Crutchmer

141:  Heil

149:  Collica

157:  Kindig

165:  DIerenger

174:  Crutchmer

184:  Boyd

197:  Schafer

285:  Marsden

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