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If we had a Sweet 16 dual tournament...

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If we had a Sweet 16 dual tournament that started this weekend, similar to basketball, this is how the brackets would look.


1. Penn St.
16. Wisconsin

9. Northwestern
8. Virginia Tech

5. Edinboro
12. Iowa St.

13. Illinois
4. Iowa

3. Oklahoma St.
14. Missouri

6. Ohio St.
11. Nebraska

7. Cornell
10. Oklahoma

15. UNI
2. Minnesota

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I think that I'm missing something, but didn't we already sort of, somewhat, kind of have that tournament a month or so ago?


You miss a lot of things.


So, we didn't have national dual tournament, Rush?



Did you see Penn State, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Edinboro, Northwestern, Nebraska, Missouri or Wisconsin at that dual tournament, Michael Moore?

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