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valuable accurate info and tourist guides to NYC NCAA tourna

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I am not being dismissive of the other places that have hosted recent NCAA wrestling tournament. However, NYC aint Mo. NEB, OKLA or even Philly, Toto. For those who have never been, just walking around and gaping for 3 days is worth the price of transport and rooming. Do this first: try acquainting yourselves with subways and trains into Penn Station where MSG is located they run very frequently from most areas around NYC Staying in NJ near Newark airport or JFK or LGA ( LaGuardia), Brooklyn or Queens is within easy reach. Go here for info, fees and maps: http://web.mta.info/maps/ Just keep in mind that some of the neighborhoods you may go through are places to be alert or in company AND carrying weapons is a Sullivan Law violation mandatory 5 years. It is very strictly enforced


Now look this over: http://www.walkingoffthebigapple.com/20 ... marks.html


Next take a look at hotels.com to find excellent rates. The site is set up by locales. So, you can figure out routing then do some comparative shopping. If you are a "real hayseed " you can call the site. I have found them helpful, unless they were from out of town. Just say thanks and hang up. You can book in advance up to a year and most have free cancel.


If you haven't been to NYC pay up to stay right in Manhattan. Somewhere mid town is best in my opinion. Somewhere between 30th and 50th streets and 5th and 8th avenue if you are bringing the bride, this gets you within an easy safe, walk of shopping, the Theatre districts, Time Sq and many sites plus there are cabs everywhere and the main subway cross overs are there.


Regarding renting a car and driving. It is very tough to drive in the combat zone unless you are aggressive alert and have steady nerves. Some of the same qualities you will observe in the medal rounds. Parking is very expensive relative to most cities. Food and drink is about 10% more than in Philly or St Louis. Most of it is taxes which are outrageous. There are many places everywhere that are very inexpensive and have great product. Even most of the hole in the walls have good grub and there is ethnic food from places as diverse as Afghanistan to Zambia. You must Try one of the Jewish delis. Stage Door a couple blocks from MSG at 33rd and 8th is open all day and most of the night. It serves sandwiches of top flight deli as big as your head for $9.95. You can go here to get a handle on prices.http://www.stagedoordeli.com/menus.html...Stage door is not the "best" but is pretty darn good.


If you haven't been to NYC pay up to stay right in Manhattan. Somewhere mid town is best. Save the extra bucks over the year because it is worth doing so.


Regarding renting a car and driving. It is very tough to drive in the combat zone unless you are aggressive. Parking is very expensive relative to most cities.Any other specific questions I will try to answer. Don't pay attention to the hysterical "it will be too expensive" PBR crowd. The issue is not expense it is value. New York strip or cube steak boys? Name your poison. BTW Hells kitchen is the old Irish section of NY.


For those who like to tip a few, McSorleys Old Ale House at #15 E. 7th St. is the oldest ,1856, Irish continuously operated bar in NYC.

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