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Warner Pacific (OR) starts new programs (NAIA)

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In response to the previous thread asking about the economics of new NAIA programs, I am posting the announcement of Warner Pacific, an NAIA school in Oregon starting new men's and women's programs. This is the fourth new program that has been started in part with grants provided by the US Wrestling Foundation working in partnership with the NWCA and USA Wrestling. These new programs are very much driven by the economics of schools who need enrollment. A new program is a net provider of funds to the school. The issue many schools have is the start up costs. That is where the US Wrestling Foundation is coming in and helping with grants. At our board meeting held between the quarters and semis at nationals we approved another grant for the NWCA to work with schools to help start programs. We would like to continue and grow this program. The release is below:



Warner Pacific Wrestling Receives Grant from US Wrestling Foundation




3/19/2014 4:14:00 PM


PORTLAND, Ore - Startup costs can be an obstacle to launching any new athletic program and wrestling is no different, but the newest sport on campus at Warner Pacific College received a major boost with a generous grant from the US Wrestling Foundation.


"We are very thankful to the US Wrestling Foundation and the National Wrestling Coaches Association for their willingness to help," said Jamie Joss, Warner Pacific's Director of Athletics. "The ability to defray our costs as we begin our new wrestling teams will allow us to push forward with confidence in our inaugural season and improve the experience for our student-athletes."


Warner Pacific will use the funds to purchase high quality mats for practice and competition, along with other equipment needs such as uniforms.


"The United States Wrestling Foundation, in partnership with the National Wrestling Coaches Association and USA Wrestling, is exceedingly pleased to provide financial support to Warner Pacific as they initiate men's and women's wrestling," said Jeff Waters, Board President of the Foundation. "Wrestling has a long and deep tradition in the Pacific Northwest and we believe more college wrestling opportunities should be available to our men and women athletes."


"There has never been a more important time for the wrestling community to be working together," said Mike Moyer, Executive Director of the National Wrestling Coaches Association. "Over 100 new collegiate wrestling programs have been established/re-established since 2001 and now that we have this partnership with the US Wrestling Foundation and USA Wrestling, we are in a great position to establish many more college teams over the next decade."


Head Coach Frank Johnson is actively recruiting wrestlers for the fall, and Warner Pacific will compete in the sport for the first time since 1975.

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