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Richard & Bader = Boomer & Carton

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Call me crazy, but listening to Rich Immel and Mark Bader together totally reminded me of Boomer and Carton of WFAN's sports radio morning program which also now broadcasts nationally on TV on the CBS sports network.


I like Mark Bader, even though he's loud, very excitable, and sometimes a little wacky (just like Craig Carton). Richard was similar to Carton's counterpart, Boomer Esiason, who is usually even keeled, knowledgeable and very professional. IMO, a good mix of personalities on both broadcast teams.


Few other things:


1. My FLO broadcast streamed fine last night (thank goodness), because Optimum doesn't carry Universal sports network. Little ticked off, wanted to DVR the Open, and also wanted to hear Jason Bryant too.


2. May never happen, just an idea, but how great would it be for Richard and Bader to get on Boomer and Carton's show to promote USA wrestling, BTS (especially since B & C broadcast from NYC), the Trials, the World's, Jordan Burroughs or whatever.


I'm sure Craig Carton would get a kick out Mark Bader and take a liking to him. Plus Craig was involved with MMA and Spike TV, and pretty sure he's good friends with Frankie Edgar. Boomer is also a Section XI guy (East Islip HS, Suffolk County), and I'd love to see them fit you guys in to promote more awareness of our sport.


3. Good luck with the broadcast tonight. Finals should be great!

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