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Semifinal Evaluations (immediately before FInals begin!)

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Fantastic timing!


57 KG: I didn't see either final. Haze went up big and Sanders comeback bid fell short. Hochstrasser making it is interesting. Late bloomer? I'll pick Haze due to my overwhelming bias for him.


61 KG: Scott-Futrell looked razor thin from the highlight they showed it on the broadcast. Futrell has the right skill set for Freestyle, but obviously COleman is great as well. Kennedy looked the best out of all of them in his complete destruction of McDonough. That was brutal.


65 KG: I know Metcalf is the bigger man, but I am shocked that he housed Hump like that in the end. Oliver looks like he's regressed a bit, but maybe Kellen Russell just has his number. Russell's TD where he used his leg as an extra arm was fantastic.


74 KG: PRetty much as expected. Godley held it close for awhile, but Burroughs far superior ability and technique won out in dominant fashion. Taylor beat Caldwell without really being threatened, but did I misinterpret his comments to JB after the match, or did he try to say he would be wrestling a less offensive style in Free?


86 KG: Gavin-Reader was interesting. I wasn't sure about the key ruling near the end, it seemed to me like Reader should have gotten the points since he started the throw before his foot went down out of bounds, but apparently since the foot came down before the throw was completed, it's Gavin's score? I think that's the wrong outcome from that event, even though it looked to me like Gavin was the superior overall wrestler. RUth vs. Foster was pretty uneventful.


97 KG: Jake Varner looks like a tree. I mean, he just kind of grizzly-beared Deron Winn. It was a brutal display of pure physical superiority. Even his match winning turn was just brutal to watch. Excellent commentary by Herbert to tell us exactly where this was heading well before the turn actually started. Hard to see anyone challenging Varner domestically. A potential match up with the beast that is Yazdani at the World Championships is intriguing as hell!


125 KG: Dlagnev just killed Meleuners. Never in any trouble at all.



Most impressive performance: Either Varner or Kennedy. If forced to choose, I would pick Varner.

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