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Purler Wrestling's 7 Deadly Moves Clinics - IL, IN, TX Dates

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Purler Wrestling is announcing summer dates for their 7 DEADLY MOVES Clinic Series.


Purler Wrestling’s 7 DEADLY MOVES clinic series follows a systematic and simplifying approach to core, high-percentage, elite-level techniques. One day clinics focus on core 7DM techniques, two day clinics add effective set-ups to get into these positions, and three-day clinics add finishes from every position.


7 DEADLY MOVES clinics focus on:

Two core leg attacks and finishes

The best secondary attack in wrestling

The best way to score from a front headlock

Two tremendous turns on top

The best stand-up in the world


All wrestlers receive a FREE 7 Deadly Moves DVD to take home!


May 24-25

Marist High School

4200 W 115th Street

Chicago, IL 60655


May 31- June 1

Lawrence High School

7802 Hague Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46256


June 9-12

*Special 4-day clinic – 7DM + leg riding clinic

*$175 for 4 days

South Grand Prairie Wrestling Room

301 W. Warrior Trail

Grand Prairie, TX 75052


July 31-August 2

Berryhill High School

3128 S. 63rd West Avenue

Tulsa, OK 74107


• 2 Day Clinic: $130 – Core 7DM positions, effective set-ups to these positions, & includes an extended DVD reviewing 7 Deadly Moves + effective set-ups, etc.

• 3 Day Clinic: $185 – Core 7DM positions, effective set-ups and finishes for these positions, & includes an extended DVD reviewing 7 Deadly Moves + effective set-ups, finishes, etc.


• Note: Related siblings get 50% registration discount

• Clinics are open to wrestlers ages 8 and up.

• More dates will be added soon!


Register Online:


For more information, contact Dane Fuhrman @ dane@purlerwrestling.com or (307) 761 -1809

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