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Nebraska USA Wrestling is Now Hiring!

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Nebraska USA Wrestling is hiring an Executive Director for a full-time salaried position with bonuses. Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to nebraskausawrestling@gmail.com by May 17, 2014.


The Job description of the Executive Director of Nebraska USA Wrestling is as follows: The Executive Director will be in charge of managing the executive functions of a 501©3 which will include finances, tax, legal, and managing an office. The Executive Director:


* Will act in a professional manner to build relationships of trust with Nebraska Members.

* Will generally promote wrestling in the state of Nebraska.

* Will be the primary contact for corporate sponsors including collections, promotions, contracts, advertising, and so forth.

* Will oversee all website including social media, computer databases and any other computer technology related duties.

* Will assist in preparing an annual budget for approval from the board every fiscal year.

* Will manage contracts and financial agreements with facilities and any contract work done.

* Will be the tournament director for all Nebraska USA Wrestling events run by the state association unless another tournament director is appointed.

* Will submit a detailed monthly activity log with hours and accomplished tasks.

* Will execute assignments given to him by the State Chairman.


The Executive Director will need to retain and grow memberships and sponsorships as well as assist in National Team travel and event production, as well as be available for all national teams events as directed by the State Chairman. Other duties of the Executive Director include but are not limited to: track and aggregate competition data, become trained and efficient in electronic bracketing and pairing.

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