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Information from NBCSN -- Just spoke with them

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I just confirmed with NBCSN that they definitely will not expand beyond their 60 minute timeslot for this event. They said some bouts will not be shown at all. Portions of others will be shown. Likely that none will be shown in their entirety. Their streaming is nothing more than a repeat of their TV broadcast.


Below is their contact information.


Greg Hughes

Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications

NBC Sports Group

(203) 356-2780

Project Assignment:

greg.hughes @nbcuni.com


Carol Ko

Director, Corporate Communications

NBC Sports Group

(203) 356-2784

Project Assignment:

carol.ko @nbcuni.com


Leah Luchetti

Communications Assistant

NBC Sports Group

(203) 356-2789

Project Assignment:

leah.luchetti @nbcuni.com


Dan Masonson

Senior Director, Communications

NBC Sports Group

(203) 356-2790

Project Assignment: "The Belmont Stakes" , "The Preakness Stakes" , "Premier League" , "NBC Sunday Night Football" , "The Kentucky Derby"

dan.masonson @nbcuni.com


Chris McCloskey

Vice President, Communications

NBC Sports Group

(203) 356-2781

Project Assignment: "Costas Tonight " , "National Hockey League" , "Notre Dame Football" , "Ryder Cup" , "Senior PGA Championship" , "Football Night in America" , "Best of U.S. Awards Show"

christopher.mccloskey @nbcuni.com


Jamie Palatini

Junior Publicist

NBC Sports Group

(203) 356-2791

Project Assignment:

jamie.palatini @nbcuni.com


Alex Rozis

Director, Communications

NBC Sports Group

(203) 356-2785

Project Assignment:


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