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Preview new wrestling song (TP & Esco at it again)

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This is a bit harsh....


http://www.reverbnation.com/tpesco/song ... -the-grind



There is only one there can ever be

No rope a dope, NO BALLS TO PASS NO GOING PRO don't bother me

Don't even try and find another BEcuz it can't be done

No hope competing for a reason or to work on being tough

How far we came WITH all these programs cut its gettin outta hand

Now theres alot of complications and elements

But I can tell you right now that if there i has ever been

One defining choice or moment that made me strong

With It running through my veins racing through this song

This is the realest sport around, you can't ignore us anymore

imagine a million warriors coming marching down your door

we been there before, but we keep pushing forward

Societys breaking so don't take on something they cant afford

praise the sports that bring the revenue and fill up your pockets

I'm not rocket sciencest but this is not economics

when I was just kindegarten or or not much older than that

When my older brothers and my dad told me to get on the mat

Found out I'm gifted got addicted and I never looked back

blacked out with the passion in my life and it was right on track

racing impatiently I push myself, see how far that I could go

blow for blow toe to toe find the mental strength to go



to quit is sickness then I know I got the anecdote


This calculated stay in the frame of mind

Everday I live it I put it on the line

There aint a finish to it its only do or die

With Everything that i'm influenced by

I Climb that

Every bridge Crossed that

This minute I'm not getting back

Hardships losses staying OVERTIME

Aint a limit gotta get it I Embrace the grind

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Geez...it just keeps getting worse, and I'm a rap/hip hop fan. They played a piece of one of their songs as an intro or outro during the NCAA's broadcast this year. I forget which session, but the song was like "how could you kill the sport that made me, baby, how could you kill the sport that made me"...and they just kept repeating that same phrase over and over and over. I honestly think that's all the song was. My dad said, "I could have came up with that song. How do these guys make money?"


Honestly, how do they make money? Do kids actually download their albums? I just can't see any high school or college kid today, with their beats or flips actually warming up to this crap just because it's all about wrestling.


I hate to write such a negative post, but these guys are terrible. It's like teeny-bop meets rap meets JV wrestling.

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