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Returning NCAA points

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Does anyone have an ACCURATE list of team's returning NCAA points? I have seen some lists but they vary. Also, any info on additional returning points and or wrestlers from the prior year. I have figured that over the last 3 years, PSU has scored 376, MN 324.5 and Okie State 282. Over the last 2 years, PSU 233, Okie State 216 and MN 207. I think Okie State lost Perry and Caldwell but has the top rated class coming in, with the top rated wrestler. Penn State lost Taylor and Ruth but seems to be reloading. Got kicked off computer. Anyway, I think MN lost Thorn, Zilverberg, Steinhaus and Nelson. Just thinking about next year's serious team threats, including Ohio State and maybe Cornell and Iowa in the mix.

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1 Edinboro 57

2 Minnesota 55

3 Cornell 53

4 Penn State 51.5

5 Oklahoma State 50

6 Northwestern 46

7 Iowa 44

8 Nebraska 43.5

9 Iowa State 42

10 Missouri 40.5

11 Ohio State 38

11 Virginia Tech 38

13 Lehigh 29.5

14 Illinois 28.5

15 N.C. State 24

16 Michigan 18.5

16 Wisconsin 18.5

18 Old Dominion 17.5

19 Virginia 17

20 North Carolina 15.5

21 Oklahoma 15

22 Duke 13.5

22 Kent State 13.5

24 Pittsburgh 13

25 Rutgers 11.5

26 Northern Iowa 11

27 Penn 10

28 Oregon State 8.5

29 Clarion 7

29 Navy 7

31 F&M 6.5

32 Brown 5.5

32 Rider 5.5

34 CSU Bakersfield 5

35 Ohio 4

35 Stanford 4

35 The Citadel 4

38 Central Michigan 3.5

38 Chattanooga 3.5

38 Indiana 3.5

38 Purdue 3.5

42 Bucknell 3

42 Columbia 3

44 Wyoming 3

45 Binghamton 2.5

45 Lock Haven 2.5

47 American 2

47 Arizona State 2

47 Army 2

50 Gardner-Webb 1.5

50 Maryland 1.5

50 Michigan State 1.5

53 Air Force 1

53 Cal Poly 1

53 Hofstra 1

53 North Dakota State 1

57 Princeton 0.5

57 Utah Valley 0.5

57 West Virginia 0.5

60 Appalachian State 0

60 Boston U. 0

60 Davidson 0

60 Drexel 0

60 Eastern Michigan 0

60 Harvard 0

60 South Dakota State 0

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Interesting to note that Edinboro is the top returning team and they have Austin Matthews transferring in from Clarion. It has been stated that Clarion plans to release him to compete immediately. Matthews scored 2.5 points for Clarion last year.


I look forward to watching Edinboro this year. I hope they have scheduled some more good duals but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of teams didn't want to dual them.

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I don't think Edinboro will have enough high end firepower to crack the top 3, but they will definitely have a dual team that could really turn some heads.


If they are able to insert Matthews right away they will have a VERY strong 1st half lineup.


125: Mines (2-2)

133: Schopp (4-2)4th

141: Port (6-1)3rd

149: Habat (6-2)4th

157: Matthews (1-2)


That is a combined record of 19-9 at NCAA's with 3 of the 5 guys being potential finalists. If the 2nd half of the lineup can improve a bit and stay competitive with their opponents this dual lineup will be very tough to beat.


165: Burnett-Davis (17-12) 14-8 at 165. Bounced between weights. Given a year to fill into the weight he should improve. He could be a NCAA qualifier with 1-2 or 2-2 potential.


174: Jennings(12-13) 12-12 at 174. This looks to be their weakest spot. If they can get some improvement at this weight the sky is the limit for this squad.


184: Avery(25-7) (2-2 NCAA) Going into the season I really expected to see him on the podium. If he can make mid AA or higher, Edinboro's chances at a team trophy go up considerably.


197: Picket (21-11) He was worthy of an At-Large bid. With a little improvement he could be a 1-2 or 2-2 type at the NCAA tournament.


285: Miller (True Freshman) It looks like Edinboro's high hopes may very well rest on a True Freshman's shoulders. 285 is not the easiest weight to get thrown to the wolves that early. Even a monster like Coon can attest to that. He does have Baumgartner as an AD so maybe there is hope for the young guy to get the mentoring necessary to make the transition.


All in all, they will be returning(with the addition of Matthews) 6 NCAA qualifers. All 6 won atleast 1 match at the tournament. Burnett-Davis and Pickett have a very solid chance to qualify as well. With Miller as the wildcard, qualifying 9 would be super impressive. This team looks GOOD!

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