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Learn a Proven Leg Riding System

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The Choose Top Leg Camp is conducted in a clinic format. Each wrestling camp is designed to insure that one-on-one attention is given to each wrestler. A focus on one series (leg riding) split into separate short sessions increases retention tremendously. Coaches are welcome to come along and feel free to bring a camera so you can review the technique again in the winter.


At the Choose Top Leg Camp throwing legs is taught as a series of moves and positions. Most wrestlers learn leg moves at different times and pick up a few things on their own. This camp will show wrestlers how many of these moves work together and how to use one move to setup another.


The technique is presented with a position-based philosophy rather then a scoring-based philosophy. You will learn to throw legs with the mentality to constantly improve good position rather then becoming impatient and giving up position. Learning to constantly improve position rather then just stay in good position will enable you to score without putting yourself in danger.


Plenty of wrestlers think they know the basics of leg wrestling. This wrestling camp addresses the small details that often get overlooked. The Choose Top Leg Camp will fine tune your leg techniques so that you can throw legs and score points against the toughest opponents.


The focus of the Choose Top Leg Camp is on staying in good position and high percentage scoring moves. An entire session is dedicated to leg defense also to help you anticipate what might be coming from your opponent. And plenty of leg tricks are included too.


This wrestling camp is run by an experienced coach who is currently in the room. Coach Keel understands how to show technique in a way that is fun and easily understood by high school and youth wrestlers alike. He also puts a lot of time into research and is constantly picking up new technique from competition as well as camp participants.

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