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Holden C.

Disney Duals

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Teams entered in the All-Star division are up on Track but you can not see the rosters. The top 4 from last year are all returning. Young Guns (PA) Kong (NY) Michigan Blue & Mid Atlantic Blue. There will be 6 pools with 12 teams advancing to the championship bracket. Without seeing line-ups, based on past results these squads have a good chance of getting into the bracket with the top 4.

OH Prodigy- they made the bracket last year

OH Mafia- same

2 other OH teams made it last year but are not returning. Maybe they changed names but this makes me think at least 1 of the new OH teams (Grapplers or Raptors) will be tough.

Brawlers- made it last yr.

With the absence of Diesel this will either make the 3 already mentioned PA teams tougher or another PA team will benefit.

Iowa- had a nice run last year.

There are a few NC teams, which ever is the best could advance.

There are 2 MO teams, the better of the 2 could advance.

MI Gold Pit Bulls could make it 2 for the Wolverine State.

If newcomer VA Phenom is the same core of guys that were the VA team in VA Beach they will be very tough.

IL returns after a 2 year absence and it looks to be the same group from NWCA & NHSCA Duals with the name change from Inferno to Outsiders. That would make them a possible top 8 team.

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A couple things if anyone knows.


Was the Young Guns White the second team from that club? I see both teams had strong 106 lb kids(Brown and McCoy), both undefeated. Also, I see Brown had a real close match with a kid that is an 8th grader(Hoskins?). Must be a pretty tough kid because Brown pretty much dominated those he wrestled.

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