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FREE Technique Clinic: Master Basics to Become Advanced

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How do you get new wrestlers scoring points and high level wrestlers raising their bar?


The two scenarios aren’t very far apart, technically. It truly comes down to learning, drilling and mastering the basics.


Complexity is achieved through simplicity. Check out this free 15 minute clinic built around The Drag (one of the most basic holds.).


Sign up for the FREE 15 Minute Drag Clinic here: http://www.attackstylewrestling.com/796k


Learn to:

· Get quick angles with proper footwork

· Teach youth and HS wrestlers to always use head & hands defense first

· Build an Attacking Mentality where wrestlers relentlessly look for offensive and defensive scores

· Find angles off your opponents shots

· Circle out of missed shots and your opponents angles properly

· Drag => Leg Hook taught to me by Lincoln McIlravy, in college. (must have good footwork for this)

· Stalk properly. Closing the gap with low hands and never reaching.

· Chain Wrestling

· Mis-Direction Set Ups

· Knee pull Hi-C & Double

· Far Knee Block Doubles

· Importance of Head Drive on Shots

· Start to learn how to penetrate with outside step

· Importance of running down your angles and double finishes.

· Developing spiral pressure offensively and defensively

· A live drill that will pull all of this together.

This may seem like a lot to accomplish in a 15 minute Drag Series, but study the video and you can see, if you worked this series relentlessly you would develop a feel for all of these skills.


Sign up for the FREE 15 Minute Drag Clinic here: http://www.attackstylewrestling.com/796k



Daryl Weber,


Gable Trained NCAA Champ

Head Coach Christiansburg HS, VA 13x State Champions

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