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FILA Cadet Worlds

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Great showing by our University World team! Got me excited about our other teams. I think our Juniors have a chance to have an equally special showing, but first up are the Cadets.


Could someone post our lineup? I am familiar with the junior and senior team, but missed the Cadet team. I assume Spencer Lee is on the team and would think he is serious medal threat, possibly gold. Olivas did well last year if. I remember and I would think he is a medal threat. I believe Mason Manville is on the team, what are his chances to medal at this level? What does the rest of our lineup look like? Thanks

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42 kg: Gavin Teasale (Jefferson-Morgan, Pa.)

46 kg: Cade Olivas (St. John Bosco, Calif.)

50 kg: Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional, Pa.)

54 kg: Daton Fix (Sand Springs, Okla.)

58 kg: Carter Happel (Lisbon, Iowa)

63 kg: Jared Verkleeren (Belle Vernon, Pa.)

69 kg: Mason Manville (Blair Academy, N.J.)

76 kg: Mark Hall (Apple Valley, Minn.)

85 kg: Hunter Ritter (John Carroll, Md.)

100 kg: Jordan Wood (Boyertown, Pa.)

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42kg: Gavin Teasdale (PA)

46kg: Cade Olivas (CA)

50kg: Spencer Lee (PA)

54kg: Daton Fix (OK)

58kg: Carter Happel (IA)

63kg: Jared Verkleeren (PA)

69kg: Mason Manville (NJ)

76kg: Mark Hall (MN)

85kg: Hunter Ritter (MD)

100kg: Jordan Wood (PA)

125kg: Jake Marnin (IA)


FULL RESULTS/BRACKETS: http://www.trackwrestling.com/freestyletournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=31107



42kg: Jason Holmes (AZ)

46kg: Dack Punke (IL)

50kg: Drew West (IA)

54kg: Jacob Spiess (OH)

58kg: Taylor Lamont (UT)

63kg: Dominick Demas (OH)

69kg: Mason Manville (NJ)

76kg: Nick Reenan (PA)

85kg: Tim Young (IL)

100kg: Ethan Anderson (IA)

125kg: Tate Orndorff (WA)


FULL RESULTS/BRACKETS: http://www.trackwrestling.com/freestyletournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=30107


Also, just to answer one of your questions, Olivas won his medal last year in Greco-Roman, but was unable to win the spot this year (which I thinks speaks very well of the talents of Punke). However, Cade is as special as they come, so I expect him to do very well in FS.

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Greco Day 1:

50kg: Drew West 0-1, eliminated

54kg: Jacob Spiess 0-1, eliminated

58kg: Taylor Lamont 0-1, eliminated

63kg: Domonick Demas 2-1, eliminated

100kg: Ethan Andersen 0-1, eliminated

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Timothy Young IL is wrestling for bronze at 85kg.

42 kg Holmes went 0-1 then his guy lost next round so he was eliminated

69 kg Manville won 9-7 then lost his 2nd match  5-2 and his guy lost next round which eliminated him

76kg Reenan lost 6-2 then his guy lost which eliminated him

46kg Punke was not in brackets maybe someone has information to why?

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They finished up the women this morning...I am sure USA Wrestling is in the process of writing the press release...Reader's Digest version is that Gabrielle Garcia was the only U.S. lady to advance to the medal round.  She lost her bronze bout and finished 5th. 


You can also follow the tournament by clicking here to see the brackets: http://fila-official.com/sites/ultimate/index.php?option=com_competition&act=resultat&Itemid=42&lang=en

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Congrats to Manville as well, 5-0 over the Russian. Spencer Lee looked like he's on another level. Gavin Teasdale looked like he was so close, hopefully he gets another crack at this event again. Congrats to all our wrestlers.

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