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FILA Cadet Worlds

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46kg: Cade Olivas 2-2 record-eliminated in the repechage

54kg: Daton Fix 1-1 record-eliminated

63kg: Jared Verkleeren 0-1 record-eliminated

76kg: Mark Hall 4-0 record-Gold Medal Match

100kg: Jordan Wood 3-0 record-Gold Medal Match

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I wonder if in 10 years when we look back on these results and information, if it will show that a number of wrestlers stuck with international wrestling a little longer than what they had been in the last 10 years. There have been a number of people that hang around for one Olympic cycle and then are done and move on to something else. Now with the cadet world championships coming back, we have had a lot of success at that level in recent years. These kids who find success at the cadet level in the world could strive to add a junior world title to their resume and then a senior world title,etc. Plus this is offering our younger wrestlers the opportunity for international competition at younger ages. I just wonder if this will lead us to have greater success on the senior level in 10 years time.

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In recent years, the Greco success hasn't really improved much but the freestyle success has been great in recent years and hopefully bodes well for the senior level in the future. Also, I didn't realize the US has had a strangle hold on 63kg in Cadet Freestyle in recent years.


Cadet Freestyle

2011: 1 Gold-Adam Coon 100kg, 1 Bronze-Sam Brooks 85kg

2012: 1 Gold-Zain Retherford 63kg

2013: 1 Gold-Aaron Pico 63kg

2014: 3 Golds-Spencer Lee 50kg, Mason Manville 63kg, Mark Hall 76kg, 1 Silver-Jordan Wood 100kg


Cadet Greco

2011: No Medals

2012: No Medals

2013: 2 Bronze-Cade Olivas 42kg, Jon Jay Chaves 69kg

2014: No medals


Junior Freestyle

2011: 1 Silver-Logan Stieber 60kg

2012: 1 Silver-Pat Downey 84kg

2013: 1 Gold-Kyle Snyder 96kg, 1 Silver-Alex Dieringer 74kg

2014: TBD


Junior Greco

2011: 2 Bronze-Ellis Coleman 66kg, Toby Erickson 120kg

2012: 1 Bronze-Jesse Thielke 60kg

2013: 1 Bronze-Sam Stoll 120kg


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WOW... Did Lee just win 11-0 in the finals, tech everyone else before that, and go unscored upon the entire Cadet Worlds?  Did I read that correctly?  Impressive.





He's likely the best high school wrestler in the country right now. 

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