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Jaroslav Hasek

Best Wrestling Countries in the Western Hemisphere

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I went back in the FILA database and looked at the finishes of the last 9 Pan-Ams to try and figure out where the wrestling hot beds might be or might emerge from the Americas. The chart I put together is below.




Details on the numbers and breakdown by year can be found here.


I was particularly impressed by Venezuela's strength and consistency. Questions, comments and challenges welcome!

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Interestingly, in the western hemisphere, the countries where soccer is not the most popular spectator sport seem to do better. Here are the most popular spectator sports in the top-ten western-hemisphere wrestling countries:


1. Cuba- baseball

2. USA- football

3. Canada- hockey

4. Venezuela- baseball

5. Colombia- soccer

6. Puerto Rico- baseball

7. Mexico- soccer

8. Brazil- soccer

9. Dominican Republic- baseball

10. El Salvador- soccer


Then, if you look at the western hemisphere on the whole, soccer is the most popular spectator sport in most countries.

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Considering the Cubans have had the benefit of being developed in the Russian system dating back to the 1960s, it stands to reason that their success would be chief in this region. America could stand to learn a lot from that tiny third world country 90 miles off their shoreline.

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